Lead with your S.P.A.R.K.

Ignite inclusion 

Fuel a different conversation

Do you see yourself in any of these statements? 

  • “I need more facilitative moves for hosting intentionally inclusive community-builders / retreats my diverse team”
  • “I need my team to come together in unison and work together around a complex topic/challenge”
  • “I need a thought-partner designing agendas for experiences (meetings/retreats/events) that authentically include all voices”
  • “I need support creating a vision/mission/values/strategic plan for my organization”
  • “I need support developing an intentional infrastructure (with systems, processes, strategies) for sustaining a positive and productive culture”
  • “I need support navigating a big transition and/or developing a Theory Of Action for this next chapter” (that could include on-boarding new staff, recalibrating community norms, reinvesting around values/mission/goals, etc.)
  • “I need support navigating and responding to a tense group dynamic”
  • “I need to add tools to my toolkit for mediating conflicts between two individuals and/or facilitating restorative conversations”
  • “I need more strategies for being proactive (and not reactive) when complex team dynamics arise on your multigenerational, multiracial, multicultural team”
Communicating with consciousness 
  • “I have to give a high-stakes speech or facilitate a meeting about a complex topic with a diverse audience and need to make sure my communication strategy and talking points are inclusive and respectful of all walks of life”
  • “I need executive coaching around my racial identity development. I feel stuck on how to talk about privileges/advantages/disadvantages authentically and need support in order to address my blind-spots and strengthen relationships with people across difference.”


If any of the above statements resonated, you’re not alone. They’re quotes taken directly from clients of mine.


Here’s what I’ve learned over the years: if we want to ignite inclusion in our communities and catalyze positive change, then it’s imperative that we have dedicated time to think strategically about how our vision, values, systems, and actions are aligned. 

What We Cover In Our Time Together:

•  Identify your priorities and set intentions that are aligned with your goals and core values

•  Develop a customized action plan based on your S.P.A.R.K. Leadership Self-Assessment

•  Raise awareness of your blindspots & triggers

•  Use frameworks & tools grounded in the latest neuroscience & adaptive leadership research
•  Identify unproductive patterns & blocks that have impacted your ability to realize your goals
•  Design powerful experiences for your team, with intentional facilitative moves, phrases, and questions to have in your back pocket
•  Explore what it means to build strong, lasting relationships with your diverse teammates
•  Create and sustain monthly prioritization plans aligned with your intentions
•  Hold an inclusive lens and consider the strengths and assets of all your team members

All of our work is grounded in the five S.P.A.R.K. attributes, which allow leaders to ignite transformative shifts and be experienced in powerful ways by their diverse teams. If we were to work together, we’d explore what each of these look like for YOU in greater depth:

  •   Leading with your authentic voice with confidence 
  •   Developing intentional habits and practices with clarity
  •   Designing inclusive experiences grounded in theory and research
  •   Communicating with cultural consciousness
  •   Strengthening your social & emotional Intelligence and adaptive leadership skills


Do you want to…


  •  Learn strategies for facilitating liberatory and inclusive experiences for your team?


  •  Discover how to strengthen relational trust in intentional ways?


  •  Have systems in place for aligning your priorities with your core values?


  •  Maximize and vocalize your bold vision while building capacity of others?


  •  Create, and hold, space for your team with intentional facilitative moves?


  •  Increase your comfort with discomfort, accepting tension as a part of the process?


  •  Embody 5 essential attributes of transformative, inclusive leaders?

Here’s how my leadership coaching can support you:

You feel more confident and clear about your vision, mission, and priorities that are aligned with your core values and grounded in your unique S.P.A.R.K.


You stop: feeling scattered, feeling thrown-off by sudden shifts in your team dynamic, planning meetings last minute, having to mediate conflicts, letting the “elephants in the room” impact your leadership, avoiding “hard” conversations, feeling at a loss of what to say during tense moments in your diverse team.

I have four program offerings, depending on your needs and desires:

Spark Leadership Program 

(Next course launching in September!)

The SPARK! Leadership Program facilitates key experiences that will allow you to ignite change in your community. The program emphasizes:

The S.P.A.R.K. leadership acronym as core content, focusing on the importance of being a fearless listener, an authentic, courageously curious, intentional, adaptive leader who values diversity.

With this program, you get: 

* 7 Full Weeks of new content delivered to your inbox every Sunday

* 7 Group Coaching Calls to get support and consultancy on goals, challenges, and dilemmas every Monday via Zoom.

* 7 Engaging Weekly Workbook assignments to support your learning, growth, and development that are all connected to YOUR goals, vision, mission, and priorities.

* Daily support from Rachel in the Members-Only Facebook group.

VIP strategy session

In this intensive 3-hour coaching session we will:

* Get crystal clear on your core values, goals, & brainstorm actions and needs that will take your team to the next level

* Create a backwards plan (with priorities and intentions, aligned with your for the next two quarters (6 months)

* Explore how your story (identity) impacts how you are experienced as a leader

* Identify patterns and areas of resistance that have blocked you from realizing your goals (for yourself and your team)

* Identify new habits and intentional practices you will develop in service of your mission identify boundaries you’ll set in order to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams


3-Month Coaching Program

3 Months of 1:1 coaching includes: bi-monthly one-hour sessions and unlimited email support.

We will explore the following:

* Set biweekly intentional priority plans aligned with your S.P.A.R.K. goals and values
* Plan and design experiences that have a lasting impact
* Refine your approach to minimize conflicts and maximize powerful results
* Develop habits and practices to navigate (and create space for) transitions
* Explore what it means to intentionally build (and sustain) lasting relationships in service of a strong, trusting team dynamic
* Plan and design experiences that have a lasting impact for your diverse team


6-Month Coaching Program

6 Months of 1:1 coaching involves:

* bi-monthly one-hour coaching sessions,
* one VIP 2.5-hour strategy session,
* unlimited email support,
* and customized support for designing and facilitating a team event.

You will:

* Set monthly intentional priority plans aligned with yourS.P.A.R.K. goals and values
* Develop habits and practices to navigate (and create space for) transitions
* Explore what it means to intentionally build (and sustain) lasting relationships in service of a strong, trusting team dynamic
* Plan and design experiences that have a lasting impact for your diverse team

Which program feels like the way YOU like to be supported?

Have any questions?

Note: If, by the end of your first session with me, you aren’t 100% confident about the results and plans you’ll create in 2017, then let me know, and I’ll happily refund your money. All I ask is that you tell me how and why I didn’t deliver on our session.


What’s your leadership S.P.A.R.K. status?