There are several ways we can work together to facilitate stronger leadership,
diversity and inclusion. Here are examples of workshop topics that I’ve put together based on my 5 C’s method.

  • Communicate with courageous consciousness about race & inclusion (learn about emotionally intelligent communication skills + plan for an upcoming conversation with intentionality)
  • Change-management & adaptive leadership 101 (learn about adaptive leadership approaches and draft your change management strategy)
  • Increasing comfort with conflict  (learn about emotionally intelligent conflict-management skills + plan for an upcoming conversation with intentionality)
  • No More Scatter: Lead with Clarity with congruence (learn about the power of habits + develop your theory of action that’s aligned with your core values)
  • Build Community with intentionality: Facilitate with Grace (learn about the stages of team development and prepare for an upcoming meeting/event with intentionality)
  • Unconscious bias 101: Uncover your blindspots, transform your life (learn latest research on brain science and unconscious bias + apply the SPARK Framework to uplevel your leadership)
  • Let’s talk about Intersectionality (learn latest research on intersectionality + increase comfort and confidence talking about the intersections of your identity)

Previous Workshops

Here are excerpts from a recent workshop I hosted on blindspots, intersectionality, and privilege so you can get a feel for my facilitation style and signature activity called the ‘blindspot backpack”

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