Rachel and her team help their clients create an infrastructure for DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) with intentional strategies. The essential question S.P.A.R.K. aims to answer is: What will be required of us in order to create conditions for equity, inclusion, and culturally responsive organizations, and how can we catalyze courageous leadership at every level of our systems? 

Their hypothesis—after years of supporting educators, executives, and administrators across the country—rests on the deeply held belief that leaders are capable of solving their own problems, when they have the right conditions and strategic support. Rachel’s leadership and intentional support allows communities to align their vision, values, systems, and actions with intentionality–in order to have maximal impact with sustained, equitable results.


The S.P.A.R.K. consulting approach involves these four intentional moves:

Sustaining and making progress on equity/inclusion work in our systems requires that we look at three different levels with intentionality so we can have maximal impact for all. As the lead consultant and strategist, Rachel manages all projects and offers strategic support so her clients can sustain results, realize their visions, and make progress on their goals with integrity and intentionality.

Bringing a human-centered and design-thinking lens to all that she does, Rachel invites her clients to engage in critical self reflection and explore content grounded in latest research on being systemically aware, inclusive, adaptive, and culturally conscious at every level. Rachel drafted the below framework (originally on a napkin!) after watching this Race Forward video by Jay Smooth, which led to a subsequent conversation about why we need to “hold up the mirror” in our organizations and look at our own internal systems/blindspots/patterns too… 

Understanding our blindspots and exploring root causes of our equity challenges (at every level) is imperative.

Working together, we co-construct a scope of work that is aligned with the priorities and needs of your system, tending to the relational and technical dynamics. We’ll also make progress on your goals for inclusion and equity with a common language, aligned values and systems, and intentional action steps.

meet the lead


With a Masters from Stanford, over a decade of experience working in education, Rachel’s work is grounded in theory and practice.  Her approach, as a facilitator, is collaborative and informed by an intersectional lens—as someone in the LGBTQIA community.  In her years of facilitating conversations about systemic oppression, unconscious bias, and untangling white supremacy culture characteristics, Rachel has seen a lot of patterns play out and has had a LOT of lessons-learned. The most persistent pattern is what Rachel calls the “intention gap”, where intentions don’t align with impact. She will always consider herself a work-in-progress, and she has learned to embrace the fact that unlearning, unpacking, and changing habits takes time. 

 Jye Turk is a S.P.A.R.K. facilitator, strategist, and practitioner. He has been working with Rachel since early 2019 and brings wisdom, expertise, thoughtfulness and passion to the work. His journey as an educator started when he was young, as he often volunteered at summer camps, daycares, and any teaching opportunity he could get. Now, with a Masters in Leadership & Change from St. Edwards, and extensive experience facilitating and teaching, he brings such an important lens to the work. He’s also a super-connector. He cares deeply about sparking conversations and connections with folks so they can realize their potential and ultimately have a positive impact on the world.

 consulting clients have included: