My Workshops

Are grounded in praxis (theory & practice) + my blindspot framework and the power of C’s of intentional leadership

Due to COVID-19, Rachel is offering virtual workshops in place of the in-person workshops. View the information below and inquire for more information. 

I believe in co-constructing, collaborating, and offering customized experiences that align with the needs of the community I’m serving. Because potential clients like to get a sense of the types of engagements I offer, here is a sampling of some of the most commonly requested workshops.

LEADING WITH CLARITY + CONGRUENCE: learn about the power of high-performance-habits, develop a theory of action aligned with your core values, and get grounded in your WHY/ core values/ vision with intentionality

COMMUNITY-BUILDING WITH A DEI LENS: prepare for an upcoming meeting/event with intentionality, add inclusive community-building resources to your toolkit, strengthen facilitative leadership competencies

CHANGE-MANAGEMENT: learn about the phases of transitions, adaptive challenges, learn about the stages of team development, and start drafting your change management strategy

COMMUNICATING WITH DEI CONSCIOUSNESS: learn about unconscious bias, explore common pitfalls in conversations about race/equity, and plan for an upcoming conversation with intentionality

CONFLICT-MANAGEMENT:  increase comfort with conflict, discomfort and tension, especially in conversations about diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism 


  • Reflect on how their identity impacts how people experience them
  • Walk away with increased clarity on their blindspots
  • Reflect on their own authentic S.P.A.R.K. stance
  • Reflect on what will be required to take this work to the next level
  • Identify a focus area to strengthen and work on

Here are some other workshops I’ve facilitated (in addition what’s above):

UNCOVER YOUR BLINDSPOTS AND IMPROVE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY/RESULTS:  learn latest brain science about how bias impacts performance/results, identify unconscious patterns that need to be interrupted, and set intentions/priorities using the S.P.A.R.K. Diversity / Equity / Inclusion framework

LET’S TALK ABOUT INTERSECTIONALITY:  learn research on intersectionality, reflect on the layers of your identity, and increase comfort and confidence talking about the intersections of your identity

inclusive lEADership & communication:  learn about the five S.P.A.R.K leadership competencies, take a self assessment, identify strengths and growth areas, and discover strategies for becoming a more inclusive leader and communicator  


Facilitative Leadership with a dei lens

During this event, we went over the top 5 most common pitfalls of facilitation, research-backed strategies for engaging/interactive meetings and tips for managing tense group dynamics.

Common Pitfalls of Giving/Receiving Feedback

During this event we went over
research-backed strategies for coaching with grace, tips for navigating challenging dynamics and coaChing tools for your toolkit.