“When we talk about that which will sustain and nurture our spiritual growth as a people, we must once again talk about the importance of community. For one of the most vital ways that we sustain ourselves is by building communities of resistance, places where we know we are not alone.” bell hooks , Teaching to Transgress

“Like fighting an addiction, being an antiracist requires persistent self-awareness, 
constant self-criticism, and regular self-examination.”  – Ibram X. Kendi

Per community request, I’m sharing a starter-list of resources. It wasn’t easy to select just a handful for each category, (I could have kept adding links for hours) but hopefully you find this list helpful…

I’ll always be a work-in-progress, but one thing I know for sure: learning in public and sharing stories/reactions/reflections/connections with others is so key for this work. So, I invite you to join our private Facebook group of folks committed to inclusion, equity and racial justice

Also, if you have questions about any of what’s referenced below and/or are interested in starting a book club or affinity group in your area, let me know.



Tools & Resources:


For White Folks Committed to Anti-racism Affinity Work :

If you’re able to donate, here’s a starter list of organizations/causes to support: 

What would YOU add to the list?

If you have questions or could use some thought-partnership, feel free to send a quick email over to spark@rachelvrosen.com, and we can schedule a 15 minute virtual coffee.